Camping, lots of camping.

Out of the last 10 days i've slept half in my bed and half in my sleeping bag. We camped for the 4th which was great.  Then worked a few days and headed back out Friday - Sunday. Snapped some rad photos while out and about. More summer adventures coming soon. 

Moto Thursday

My buddy Trevor picked up a rad Honda cafe racer a few weeks back. So obviously I wanted to go shoot it. 


Uintas, my favorite place.

We decided to camp overnight up at the Uintas on Friday night. With just a little over an hour drive it's well worth it. I've camped here many times, but for the first time we were kept up all night by the coyotes. They just wouldn't stop all night long. None the less it was a good time! 

Warren Budget Live

Spent the night at Urban Lounge while the good homie Warren Budget preformed. He performed with so much energy. I wanted to capture that in the photos. Here are some shots from that night. 

First Rolls of Film

I picked up an old film camera (Canon AE-1) about 6 weeks and begin shooting film. It's been a learning experience. From shooting digital to shooting film is so different. It's really made me think about ever single shot before shooting. Some photos came out and a lot didn't. I have a lot to learn but real excited about it.  All of the photos are untouched right from the film. 

Summer Snow in the Uintas

We headed up to the uintas here in Utah to chase some fish. We ran into more snow then expected. Made for some great photos!



Portraits with Abbi

Went out with my friend Abbi to work on some portraits! 

Snow Day

Took out the camera and snapped some photos in the snow. 

Cardiff Surf Classic

I had the chance to take our company Muse to California for the Cardiff Surf Classic. It's was a solid event and we sold a lot of juice. Couldn't be more stoked on the future of Muse. I did get to bust out the camera for some photos! 



Spent the week in Oregon with the fam. Good week, got to see portland and go to the beach. Week well spent. 

Shooting with Tyson Dudley

I work for Contour Action Cameras. Every now and again i'll get out and go shoot some content. Good thing I have some rad friends that I take with me. I took some photos of my buddy Tyson while shooting some video for Contour. Here are a few that I liked. 

Over Night Camping Trip

We took off late Friday night and headed up to the Uintas. It was a short trip but a good time none the less. 

We ended up finding a spot to camp at around 11, we set up camp and hit the hay. 

Of course the next morning we got up and began the fishing. The small streams up there are one of my favorites for fishing, not to mention, the fish are so rad. 

Here is a quick edit from the overnighter. 

There will be a lot of camping this summer. This is the first of many weekend adventures to go and catch fish. 

Uintas Afternoon

I took off Saturday afternoon to chase fish up in the Uintas. It's amazing to me the places you can catch fish. It may have been the funnest time yet i've had while fly fishing. I was lucky enough to catch 4 different types of fish while up there. It will be a place I go a lot during the summer months, exploring and chasing some rad fish. 


Some images from my trip to Hawaii. 

Open Exposure

I'm not a photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures. Friday after work I took off into the mountains. I've always enjoyed seeing open exposure shots of the stars. 

I captured a few photos that I really liked. I still have a lot to learn. It was still a good time to step away from the lights of the world and be surrounded by the stars. 

The First of Streamer Fishing

I'm new to fly fishing. The past 5 months or so have been a ton of fun learning, but yesterday was something else. It was the first time i've thrown a streamer. It had rained all day, I had still decided to head out to the Provo river to fish for a few hours. 

This was the fly of choice, Sculpzilla. 

I ended up landing four fish, with having a lot of follows and hits. 

All in all, let's say i'll be throwing streamers a lot more from here on out. 

The Beginning of the Blog

I'm not much of  a writer, so bare with me. The reason of my blog is to share my adventures. I wanted to have somewhere I can look back on and remember the times i've had. I'm currently working for a company called Contour. We currently have two different cameras that we sell. It's great to part of this company. We've been pushing the slogan "Adventure Everyday". I had the opportunity to drive 10 hours to Mammoth Mountain to watch our athlete Cam Zink do a world record backflip.

Long drive, well worth it. I've never had the opportunity to work with a company like X-Games. It was quite the experience. Definitely something I enjoyed. The high pressure of everything made the hour long show for a 20 second jump worth it. 

It was well worth the 20 hours in the car in the span of 3 days.