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30 Day Photo Challenge


Life changes and things that were a priority change as well. I've had the privilege to get out and shoot some amazing places. Top of that list was probably Iceland. I know in the future I'll still have the opportunity to shoot amazing places, but with a new baby and full-time job (which I really enjoy) and a wife that works her butt off it's not like it used to be. My wife challenged me to do a photo a day for 30 days. So that's what I'm going to do. I think this will help me get creative and create images that are out of my comfort zone. I'll be using a few different things to shoot, my phone of course because that's easy and accessible all the time. I'll be using the Moment app (i'll be sharing more on this in detail in a later post), 35MM Film (yes if I take photos that day I'll have to wait to get it developed) and of course my Sony A7II and A7III. 

So starting today September 1st, I'm going to take and share a photo every day of this month. It will for sure be a challenge. 

I'll be posting all of my photos here: