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Mobile Photography | Accessories and Editing on the go


Cell phones have come a long way obviously. It's also changed how we take photos in our everyday lives. Like most, I usually have my phone on me and use it for taking photos. In wanting to take my mobile photography to the next level I picked up some gear from Moment and started on my way. So here is a little about the gear and their app that I use when shooting photos on the go with my iPhone. 

Gear: I have an iPhone 8+ so the native app does a great job, but the guys over at Moment have created an app and other cool things to help your phone go that much further. I've been using their gear for just over a year now and I love it. Here are a few things I'm currently using from them and things they have to offer. 

- The iPhone 8+ Camera Case CHECK IT HERE

- Wide Angle Lens (I use this the most) CHECK IT HERE

Here are some side by sides of some shots with and without the moment wide lens: 


Views from the Moment app (Screenshots while shooting). It allows you to have full control while shooting. Not only that, but it allows you to shoot in RAW



Some images shot on iPhone using the Moment app in RAW and edited using Lightroom mobile. Top is the edited photo and bottom is the raw photo on my phone. 

Final Thoughts - If you're wanting to take your phone photography to the next level I would for sure at least download the moment app and lightroom on your phone and start playing with it.